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Dearest All

Published on 9th April 2020

Email sent to students on 7th April 2020

Interview with Boys Dance Too UK

Published on 1st April 2020

On Monday I was interviewed by Boys Dance Too UK. They asked me about my take on how Pilates could help dancers and particularly boy dancers.

Core is where exactly

Published on 14th November 2019

Training the core, where it is, how to feel it, how to control it, how to challenge it

Balance, Rotator Cuff and Imagination

Published on 22nd July 2019

Letting the shoulders relax and find their place. Add them to balance and a rotator cuff, or two, then pour on some Lats and postural muscles galore and you have a Pilates session that'll make you feel very good indeed. And, at the end of the session, you'll prove to yourself how the imagination can truly help hugely.

Communicating Pilates at the Royal Academy of Dance

Published on 17th July 2019

Well what a beautiful week of wonderful responsive students. And some feedback that's put the spring in my tail! Thank you for your emails and texts and lovely words. This week, apart from working my usual timetable, I'm teaching summer evening school at the Royal Academy of Dance every night. I was SO happy tonight AND, actually nothing

Engaging your Core

Published on 9th July 2019

How much should I engage my core? How do I know when my core is engaged enough? How can I be sure that my core is working? Where exactly is it? So, when I engage my core, what's happening exactly and why is this important? Ever asked yourself or me these questions? This week ALL the how, why and



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