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Dearest Students All

I cancelled all classes from Tuesday 17th March 2020. Communal classes will resume when the Government declares business as usual. Thank you for your emails and incredible support. It is now 5th July 2020 and you have all been extraordinary, fabulous and I'm still here, thank you, we're still very much together and practising.

I hope we'll be back in the room together, if that becomes the right thing and the safe thing. Until then, my friends, we continue to stand tall and we Pilates On, in the safety of our homes.

You're enjoying the videos, the membership uptake has astounded me, thank you: https://www.pilates-instructor.net/items/pilates-video-subscription Feedback:  "I was delighted to find that it was just like attending one of your classes." Your feedback and support has been incredible. All the library video sessions are yours,and you tell me what you want, so every video is bespoke and all the videos are in the library for you all. There are now 80 because of you.  Keep your requests coming because what you want is real and  reaches so many and all over the world.  It's amazing.  Thank you. 

And please join me on Zoom, https://www.pilates-instructor.net/bloglist/pilates-blog I'll continue the ten sessions each week as it really does work....AND this way of practising is covid-secure, our Zoom way works, AND it's completely rewarding, from the inside out, and I'm loving it and seeing you all there is the proof of the pudding!

Thinking of you all. Contact me anytime.

Bank Holiday Mondays: 25 May, 31 August 


Monday - 0700 0800 0900
Tuesday - 1000 1100
Wednesday - 0800 0900 1000

at All Saints Church, Rosendale Road SE21. Free parking in Lovelace and Rosendale Roads.

Everything you need is provided but please wear loose, comfortable clothing that will stretch with you. No belts or jangly bits!

Price £15.00 per class OR

Payment schemes available

  • £130.00 for ten drop-in classes  (@£13 per session: You are only charged when you attend, no time limit)
  • £530.00 for fifty drop-in classes (@£10.60 per session: You are only charged when you attend, no time limit)
  • £72.00 for six consecutive classes (@£12 per session)
  • £141.00 for twelve consecutive classes (@£11.75 per session)

The consecutive options (£72.00 and £141.00) are for those who want the motivation that "I've paid, so I'll come!"  Time limit from date of first session, after payment, to the sixth, or twelfth week following.

There are no refunds

Contact info@pilates-instructor.net

Pilates classes elsewhere

Wendy teaches at David Lloyd Beckenham and at the Royal Academy of Dance
She also takes one to one sessions in her studio

For classes at David Lloyd Beckenham, you need to be a member of David Lloyd.

If you would like private tuition please contact info@pilates-instructor.net

If you would like to join the weekly Thursday class at The Royal Academy of Dance, please contact info@pilates-instructor.net
For The Royal Academy of Dance summer schools,
please go to 'Links' page and contact the Academy directly. Thank you.

"To breathe correctly you must completely exhale and inhale"


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