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Each session is a Complete Session - do as many as you like - whenever you like. Email Wendy, or simply...

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Video categories

There is a total of 154 unique videos. Some of these videos may be included in more than one category.

Beginner Sessions (72 videos)

Suitable if you've not done Pilates before and for advanced students who want the fabulous fundamentals

Warm-Up (24 videos)

A perfect way to start or end the day, or that moment on a long-haul journey or jury service, you'll know when that moment is, when you've just got to stretch out

Release and Relax (12 videos)

Exactly what it says on the tin! Enjoy releasing, what we know tightens, and realigning the body for a proper good night's rest, or for a splendid and tall day ahead

Pilates Moves: Broken down and Mastered (16 videos)

Moves are truly just many muscle groups being controlled at the same time. Breaking down the move, bite size after bite size, leads to mastering the whole with flow and precision

Core, Centre, Power House (58 videos)

Powerful core training, suitable for all to do, or just watch, play and understand connection

Pelvic Floor, Pelvic Diaphragm (13 videos)

Pelvic Floor training, understanding the what, why, where and how while making a difference. Suitable for all

Targetting Specific Muscle Groups (63 videos)

Find the part that you want to target and away you go

Bone Density (10 videos)

Wendy "Blasts those Clasts" Moves that specifically target bone strength. Suitable for all

Clinical Issues (85 videos)

Relieving and releasing, while understanding and addressing clinical issues, and inviting the body to adapt and feel better

Advanced Sessions (59 videos)

Suitable if you've done Pilates before, or if you are curious and want to see how moves develop

50 minute sessions (26 videos)

These sessions have been prepared to provide cohesive 50 minute sessions. Each 50 minute session is made up of three videos that have been created to go together in succession. Each video can of course be done individually, if you prefer. There are 50 minute sessions for beginners and for advanced.


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