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Wendy qualified as a Nutrition Advisor in August 2014.

She advises getting the body to use the food we eat efficiently and grounds all advice in scientific research and evidence. All advice will be suitable to you personally and be foods you're comfortable eating. You will be confident that you have all the nutrients you need so that your system functions well. So you can happily enjoy your nutrition plan and reap the intrinsic rewards of feeling good and reaching your goal.

For example, if weight loss is your goal, then your weight will drop as we create a sensible energy deficit and your body begins to utilise your fat metabolism. Meantime, your leptin and insulin levels regulate and you feel good.

You'll be advised to stop eating "bad" fats and "bad" carbs and foods with little or no nutritional value.  You'll be empowered with the "know-how" of choosing what you eat, whether at home or out, so that you easily target your nutritional goals.

We work together.  You provide information and your personal profile is created.

Wendy offers email support as you find your way.  You can send her emails with questions, or send her your daily food menu for comments. Or just simply share the moments when you feel you need support, or indeed three cheers! Please have no concerns over BMI, we do not rely on this generic tool, that can sometimes be useful but never essential.  You know how you feel, that's why you called me, and we are guided by that, so that the body and mind is balanced, strong and vital again.

For more information and prices, please email info@pilates-instructor.net 

During the Covid-19 pandemic Wendy's offered advice over zoom.  There is so much information on the internet regarding nutrition and there are many apps providing all that is needed to empower and get going.  She helps get you on track, in the way that's right for you and your targets. She listens and simplifies.  She's providing consultation, during this precarious time, without any charge.  She knows there's no mystery to eating well, or need for complicated information, and a chat with her simplifies and eases the way forward.  If you're in any doubt, you can do this and you will feel better.  So, if you want to chat through stuff, before, or while, you follow apps or the like, just contact her and fix a good time.


Fiona H asked Wendy to help her in the middle of January 2015. She has a serious heart condition and was breathless and in hospital. She was at the end of her tether and decided that she must lose weight. Wendy consulted with Fiona's Consultant Cardiologist and outlined her nutrition plans for Fiona. The Consultant very much agreed that it was the way forward. Fiona was obese. She has been following her bespoke plan and she is now two stone lighter. She can't believe it; she is bouncing through life again, having thought her bounce was a thing of the past and her breathlessness, a way of life. She is now most definitely no longer breathless and she, her Consultant Cardiologist and GP are delighted.

In fact, her Consultant Cardiologist is so delighted he gave Wendy his very kind permission to print his letter of June 2015 on her website:

"I was delighted to see Mrs H in the clinic. I was very impressed with the significant weight loss that she has managed to achieve with change of diet. She was able to exercise for much longer on the treadmill than previously. She was able to exercise for 8.5 minutes on the Bruce protocol and did not develop any cardiac arrhythmias......I have encouraged her to continue with the good work."

Professor Avijit Lahiri MBBS MSc MRCP FACC FESC
Consultant Cardiologist
Hon. Professor, Middlesex University
Hon. Senior Lecturer, Imperial College

In the past, Fiona had barely managed three minutes on the Bruce protocol. On this occasion, she was told to stop after 8.5 minutes because all the scores required had been observed and recorded. She says with great pride that she could have continued on the treadmill; she wasn't breathless and was thrilled to march on! She continues to march on with her new way of eating; she eats for her heart and loses weight into the bargain. She is never hungry and is full of energy. Congratulations Fiona, your discipline and determination is an inspiration.

Jo, B met with Wendy in March 2015 to discuss the most nutritious way forward. It is now September 2015. In six months she has lost 4 stone(an average loss of approximately a kilo a week). She is now within the ideal index for her age, height and fitness level. Her BMI is now 23 (Ideal, Healthy). This is SUPERB, and there are no surprises as to why she is looking and feeling good.
Her weight has dropped from 92.3 (14.5 stone) to 66.6 (10.4 stone). Her BMI was 32.8 (Obese) when she decided to lose 3 stone. Her BMI has dropped by 9 points and she has actually lost 4 stone.
Jo is now receiving advice on how to stabilise at her chosen weight.

It is without doubt her exemplary discipline and organisation that has led to this very pleasing result:

"Just thought I would share my continuing weight loss success with you as you are the person I really have to thank for it and for all of the lovely compliments I receive from people who have noticed the radical difference in my overall appearance.

I feel very much better in and about myself and certainly have little or no back pain now which is what brought me to you in the first place. I will be telling my GP today that her referral to you has been the best bit of prescribing she has done for me over the years and that I think it is probably the way to go for many patients with musculoskeletal problems.

Thanks again, Wendy, sincerely as always"
Jo, B (Streatham)

"Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit."


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