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"What a great Pilates year it has been. Thank you so much for all your care and consideration and for making each class so special"
- Patricia -

"Wendy teaches with sensitivity, intelligence and humour"
- Hilary -

"Thank you so much for all the fantastic Pilates classes. It is great to work out the body from the inside out, but also to 'escape' from everything else going on in life. I always come away feeling relaxed"
- Chris -

"I was in rehearsal for my show yesterday and everyone was lacking energy so I made them do some Pilates neck stretches, shoulder shrugs and roll downs…I channelled your voice!"
- Michaela, Royal Academy of Dance -

"It's amazing to come out of a class and feel as though you've had a massage when really you've just worked everything really hard. My posture is amazing, and my clothes fit better after only 5 classes."
- Charlotte, Royal Academy of Dance -

"It's been a complete revelation for me and I can't thank Wendy enough for her expert help, excellent teaching and for her thorough and varied classes!"
- Emily -

"Just to say how effective your Pilates classes have been in helping me recover from abdominal surgery last November. I can really feel my stronger core and the benefits of Pilates on my body as a whole"
- Christine -

"Looking forward to re-joining you all, I hear some serious work has been taking place in my absence! My muscles are trembling in fear and anticipation…"
- Ria, Royal Academy of Dance -

"I'm so grateful. I've been telling all my friends that these classes have been like a miracle for me"
- Kristina -

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to recover my body and in so doing, my 'real' self. Your careful guidance in Pilates and Nutrition is the key to my success."
- Jo -

"Wendy Jardine did an AMAZING class. LOVED IT!! I can really feel the difference"
- member @dlbeckenham -

"This is just to say a huge thank you. Your lessons were so different, so geared to dancing, they were fun and the hour just whizzed by"
- Exam Intensive Course Student, Royal Academy of Dance -

"I just want to say how amazingly pain free my left leg and shoulder is after today's session I feel amazing, that stretch you invented is the best ever!"
- Tracy -

"Thank you for all your wonderful Pilates sessions' stretching the body and relaxing the mind - the best start to my week - my body would seize up without you, not to mention the knee....!"
- Allison -

"I don’t know how many students you have now but you really manage to show that you take a personal interest in everybody’s progress, not to mention remembering all their names and quirks"
- Lucille -

"Your lessons are brilliant - we get so much out of them largely because you put so much in. Thank you!"
- Jan -

"Thank you for a heavenly hour. It was magical for me."
- Jenny -

"Wonderful class this morning. You're so intuitive....just dealt with all the areas that have been aching"
- Carol -

"This morning's hamstring stretch was amazing! I couldn’t believe the difference it had made to my 'bad' leg"
- Nicki -

"Since your course at the RAD over the summer - and your excellent advice on ways to strengthen the muscles supporting my knees - I no longer suffer from knee pain: not even when I'm running. It's quite incredible"
- Matthew -

"After being away from the Monday class it feels like coming back home - a fantastic way to begin the day, the week and the year - Thanks Wendy"
- Jo -

"Commentary, instructions and encouragement all impeccable."
- Richard -

"I am very grateful to Pilates and more grateful to Wendy as she has helped me through this with various advice and taking that extra mile to giving me a homecare routine to follow. Thank you so much."
- Leyla -

"I love love love your classes"
- HS -

"Wendy explains everything with such calmness, and creatively, the way she explains things REALLY makes you understand what is going on and I feel it's very unique"
- Student, Royal Academy of Dance -

"Oh, Wendy, that was a superb class and experience. I love all the thought cues. That works so well for me. I could feel your hot pilates hand!I will very much look forward to our session at 9.30 tomorrow. I have found my golf ball!"
- -

"Mens sana in corpore sano" Roman motto meaning "A sane mind in a sound body"


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