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w/c 3rd December 2018

Published on 2nd December 2018

New releases have been added to the video list. Eight new videos. Four advanced and flowing sessions without modifications 26-29. By the way, you could do 27 followed by 28. Great for all advanced students and, dancers these two videos alone will keep your sartorius and ITB happy over Christmas. Two therapeutic sessions. 24 is good for those whose balance is off at the moment but will suit anyone who wants to iron out their body. 25 terrific for those suffering back pain or sciatic pain. 30 A session to keep strong and flexible while one arm is out of action. 31 A session to release tensions in the arm, wrist and hand to ease away repetitive strain and carpal tunnel pain. This week in class we'll work with small equipment to enhance the depth of our toning. We'll control each move from the inside out, releasing everything to do with the sciatic nerve and median nerve. We'll leave the session feeling taller, stronger, leaner and ready for our everyday challenges. For the workshop at 10 am on Wednesday bring your aches, pains or achievements and questions and we'll move through many moves without getting on the floor. The wall and chair are all we need to create the perfect platform for our bodies to respond and recover. I look forward to welcoming you to class. West Dulwich students, please wear extra warm gear this week, due to the temporary boiler situation at All Saints.

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