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Published on 22nd August 2020


Dearest All,

Some five months have past since I shelved our sessions at All Saints.....Please only respond to this if you want to commit to being in the room again for Pilates. (Zoom will continue, times may vary).

The real questions I'm asking:

Should we resume sessions at All Saints in September?  How do you feel about this prospect?  Is the time right for you personally to return to All Saints? 

The reality of returning to All Saints requires my style to be somewhat different to my usual, and I feel taken over by Draco BUT I know you'll completely understand. Severe strict rules have their place right now because only then can we return to room sessions with complete confidence. 

Four questions:

1. Do you want sessions in the hall again? 2. What time do you want to commit to? Monday 7,8,9 am Tuesday 10,11 am Wednesday 8,9,10 am 3. Do you agree to booking and non-refundable sessions? 4. Do you agree to limited class sizes and adhering to strict covid-security?

Please let me know your thoughts on the four questions.

In the meantime, I will meet with the All Saints team and together we will assess, measure and create a covid-secure environment so that we can safely be together again.

If I don't hear from you I will assume the time is not right for you to return to room sessions.

Zoom will continue comewhatmay, I promise.

Very best wishes and much love 

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