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Published on 25th July 2022


Thank you for your Pilates last week, and in the hottest week ever recorded, too!  Please remember official temperature recordings are taken in the shade!  Keep hydrated, won't you? I'm eating two bags of leaves a day and enjoying water like never before!  Southern trains gave out bottles of water on Monday and Tuesday and kindly asked every passenger if their journey was essential. I couldn't help but notice they were still working through the heatwave, and in uniforms, and being nice.  It was a treat to arrive into the space and aircon at the Academy.  The evening courses went well, and I worked with disciplined fluid dancers who loved their Pilates, as we do.

This week, I will be at the Academy all day, so there are no zoom sessions this week. I will be teaching Junior and Senior students, the youngest are eight years old.  The sessions will include Seals, Cats, Crabs, Monkeys, Birds, Swans and I might introduce Giraffes, too! My other courses in August are later in the day.... so, for the first four Mondays of August 1,8,15,22, I would love to offer zooms.  Mat at 8 am and Chair at 10 am. All full body.  Don't be put off by "Chair" young ones, the chair is a versatile piece of equipment, and you will feel the work-out in the moments, and you know we always find those moments, and the benefits will be clear, for days and days, I promise! 

In the meantime, fabulous to see so many of you online 24/7.  If you want me to set this up for you too, for the summer (£14), it's easy peasy for me to do so, just let me know. 

Room sessions, and the usual room and zoom schedules, resume from 5th September. 


Thank you and very best wishes



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