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Published on 13th August 2020

Dearest All,

This week of 17th August is summer intensive at the Royal Academy of Dance and so my zooms will be in the evening.  

Here is the link

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86098450741 Do join me at 6 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Suitable for all and, whoever is in the Zoom, I'll make it work, standing and on the mat.  However on Friday it'll be Chair Pilates for all and we'll use the back of the chair as a barre, so expect to be standing, too.

Class 84 was added to the library on Wednesday, it's gentle but thorough! Using a ball or cushion and is all on the mat.  Lying supine, side and prone.  Hip hitch, full body stretch, foot curls, foot circles, demi-pointe, knee stabilisers, hamstrings, glutes, pelvic tilts, supine back extensions, extensions prone with ball under lower arms, hip stabilisers, ITB stretch with spine twists, lats, neck and relax.

See you at 6 pm every evening and much love,





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