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Published on 11th March 2019

This week all the small equipment will give us depth and meaning to our top to toe work out. I will of course bring the equipment to David Lloyd and the RAD. Circles, balls and bands will add to our toning from the inside out. I look forward to seeing you. I had a wonderful day yesterday teaching CPD at the RAD; Applying Pilates' Principles to Ballet Teaching. It was good to meet the teachers who came from all over England and one from Berlin. A whole day of just talking and doing Pilates while applying it to dancers to improve their well-being, technique and performance. A happy day. Those of you who haven't found the videos yet, the pelvic diaphragm video has been uploaded. It's number 42 and I've also done one specifically for bone density, number 43 and there's a fun rolling series for the abs and mobility of the spine, number 41. Enjoy. xox

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