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Published on 1st August 2022

Hello, I'm back!

We had an intense and glorious week at The Academy!  The dancers came from all over the world and each one was individual and wonderful to teach. The Juniors, from the age of eight, some very chatty, all embraced their Pilates, and many fell asleep in the relaxation at the end, and I mean sound asleep.  The Seniors were quieter and immensely diligent, too. Every group worked to their very best in each of the classes offered throughout the intensive days. The week culminated in performances from every group presenting their ballet, barre, musicality, technique, contemporary and creative. 

All performances were original with very fabulous, and challenging, choreography, inspired and created by the talented dancers and teachers in each of the groups.  The performances were held in the theatre at the Academy (which can be hired, by the way!). A beautiful space with a Harlequin sprung floor and sound and lighting. And, most importantly, for the quite rightly very proud loved ones, a perfectly raked auditorium so, every seat is the BEST seat. 

The students did themselves proud and BEYOND, clearly loved performing and had owned and met challenges with presence, delivery, confidence and flow.  Their growth over the course, underpinned by their hunger for excellence, was clear and wonderful for us teachers to celebrate, and deeply special for their supportive loved ones. There were tears of joy. FANTASTIC.

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On Mondays 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd August, I'd like to offer Zooms at 8 am Matwork, and 10 am Chair.  Hope you can join me? Here are the links for this Monday 1st August:

8am Matwork  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88104233578

10am Chair  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83901419133

This afternoon, being Sunday 31st July, I'll be watching THE match.

I'll be Online after the match In reality, I'm online 24/7 but, just saying, the match is on!

See you in the morning.


Thank you and best wishes


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"Just to report, pain easing not so angry, have been taking painkillers as prescribed by my doctor and doing your wonderful exercises, feel as if you are in the room with me gently getting me better. "

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