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Four Weeks of Wellbeing

Published on 22nd November 2021

Dearest All,

We have 32 Room and 17 Zoom sessions left before we take a three week break.  Fabulous to be with you until then. 

The 8 am and 10 am and 11 am Room sessions are the best option for those preferring small class sizes.  Having said that, all sessions are covid secure. Only sanitised equipment is used. We continue to ensure our safety and respect each other's space.  Please note that we are at least a metre away from each other and that mask wearing is respected.  It is warm in the room, but please wear cosy clothes. The heating is efficient and the lighting adds remarkable overhead heating but there is vital and natural venilation while we work.    

Every session this week, whether in the Room, over Zoom, or Online will give us many moments we need to find our deep support systems as we release our minds and focus on moving freely from the inside out.

The 8 Room Sessions are Standing and Matwork and suitable for all, whether you're advanced, new, or healing. All Room sessions are held at All Saints SE21 8JY on:

Mondays 7 am and 8 am and 930 am

Tuesdays 10 am and 11 am

Wednesdays 8 am and 930 am and 1030 am The 1030am is a Workshop of Barre, Chair and Standing, there is no matwork in the 1030 session, so it will suit you too, if kneeling or lying down is not for you. These sessions are thorough and full body and in conversation with our needs of the day. 

Five Zoom Sessions at 11, 8, 8, 9 and 10, all on the hour and presented from my home studio. All sessions develop moves to their optimum:

Zoom Monday 22nd November 11am BarreChairStand https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81850631535

Zoom Tuesday 23rd November 8 am Fundamental to Advanced https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89862523134

Zoom Thursday 25th November 8 am Fundamental to Advanced  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84764862698

Zoom Thursday 25th November 9 am Fundamental to Advanced  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85721351940 

Zoom Thursday 25th November 10 am BarreChairStand (815th zoom!)  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82292264331


Click here to join me for 125 online sessions

We are together for four strong weeks and then we'll take a break. See you in the morning. 

Breathe Connect Move

Thank you and best wishes


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