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Party? No, No, No! Pilates? Yes, Yes, Yes!

Published on 13th December 2021

Dearest All

Party?  No, No, No! Pilates? Yes, Yes, Yes! Let's enjoy this season and be strong and Covid secure. Let's move our bodies while having a good self-caring connection to our own breath! Please keep practising with me in the space where you feel the most comfortable.  If the Room is not for you this week, please join us over Zoom or Online

This week's choices are:

8 Room, 2 Zoom and 132 online sessions:

The 8 Room Sessions are Standing with Matwork, and suitable for all whether you're advanced, new, or healing. All Room sessions are held at All Saints SE21 8JY on:

This Monday 13th December at 7 am and 8 am and 930 am

This Tuesday 14th December at 10 am and 11 am

This Wednesday 15th December at 8 am and 930 am and 1030 am The 1030am is a Workshop of Barre, Chair and Standing. There is no matwork in the 1030 session. These sessions are thorough and healing. 

All Room Sessions are quiet, meaning numbers are low. Sessions are covid secure .  Thank you for your social distance, before, during and after the sessions.  Please continue to pretend you or your neighbour might be unknowingly carrying Covid. We want to confidently continue to keep Covid realities far away from our practising. This week is our 15th week in the Room.

Two Zoom Sessions at 11 am and 8 am only this week.  The sessions are on the hour and presented from my home studio. Every session develops optimum connection:

Zoom Monday 13th December 11am BarreChairStand https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85121472071

Zoom Tuesday 14th December 8 am Fundamental to Advanced (827th Zoom) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84001563896

Online sessions available 24/7 Click here to join me for 132 online sessions

From Thursday 16th December I will disappear until the second week of the New Year but I'll be online always, OH YES I WILL!  

If you want to extend your online membership for a further year, this month I am offering a year for £90.  Please email me and I'll extend your membership from your next date of expiry for a further year. Also, anyone on my books this is for you, too. If you'd like to join me online, simply email me and I'll set it up and of course you can use your zoom/room credit

Much love to you all and thank you for the joy of practising together throughout 2021.

Breathe Connect Move

Best wishes


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12/12/2021 01:21

"Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control"


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