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While I soak up the 4 star treatment, treat your back to this

Published on 27th March 2018

Stand Tall with your hands on the back of a chair.  Relax your shoulders, find your centre and breathe deep and wide. Feel the threads pull the top of your ears towards the ceiling, both ears.  Feel your feet on the floor they're placed hip width, grow out of your feet, through your legs, hips, sides, middle back, upper back, neck, and up through your ears, let the shoulder blades melt.  Start to take tiny steps backwards and begin to lean forwards from the hips, until your body is as low as it can go, but still as long as it was when you were standing tall.  Walk your hips up the imaginary wall behind you, keeping your feet grounded and your weight over the middle of your feet.  Start to feel the stretch through the backs of your legs and through your spine and feel your neck lengthening too, not lifting your head up or down, keeping the neck in line with the spine, as I continue to pull the threads on the top of your ears towards the wall in front of you and you continue to keep your heels and balls of the feet grounded and evenly balanced, and your shoulders relaxed.  Breathe in for five and out for five and stay there for a good five breaths.........or more.

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