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w/c 26th November 2018

Published on 25th November 2018

I had a good session of filming with TLAssociates on Saturday. We wrapped a further eight videos that will be uploaded this week. A full list of the collection of videos is now available on this website. Please let me know if there's a video that you'd particularly like to find in the collection. I have three requests for the next filming day so, if you want it in December, please tell me soon. This week's uploads will be: 24. A wake-up session suitable for all and also for those with balance issues. 25. Will ease, place and strengthen everything to do with the back and shoulders. 26-29 Four flowing advanced sessions, all about 25 minutes long, for those who know what they're doing and want a challenge-every-fibre workout. 30. Keeping strong and flexible, while one arm is out of action. 31. Easing the fingers, hands and wrists, relieving carpal tunnel and repetitive strain. This week's group sessions will flow and challenge us. We will work with a Pilates ball to enhance the depth of our training and connection. I look forward to welcoming you all.

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""Your help and work with my hamstrings and knees has just been amazing and made soooo much difference. My son who is an orthopaedic surgeon is
incredibly impressed.""

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