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Published on 23rd September 2018

My holiday is over and after one proposal, one break-up, two strikes, several rounds, a couple of holes-in-one and more than a few deep breaths, I am delighted Pilates will be as normal this week and for the next fourteen weeks, until Christmas and New Year.
Necks, shoulders, lower backs and feet will be our focus this week together with optional progressions, of course.  Please bring any issues you have to my attention and we will address them.
So you know, the 10 am class on Wednesdays is all about "issues" and the whole session is based around the "issue areas" in the room on the day. At these sessions we guide the body through specific therapeutic moves and you will leave knowing, why the move is necessary, how it's done and what it means to your everyday life.
Finally, I am extremely excited that within a few weeks I will be launching a brand new way of practising Pilates with me.

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"Watch a cat, as it lazily opens its eyes, slowly looks around, and gradually prepares to rise after a nap. First, it gradually rises on its hindquarters and then gradually lowers itself again, at the same time sprawling out on the floor, leisurely stretching its forepaws (with extended claws) and legs. Observe closely how all its back muscles actually ripple as it stretches and relaxes itself.... Observe, too, how cats sleep - utterly relaxed whether they happen to be lying on their back, side or belly, Contrology exercises emphasize the need for this constant stretching and relaxing"


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