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w/c 17th December 2018

Published on 16th December 2018

This is our last week before we take the national expected time to celebrate. This week's sessions will empower our bodies to support us through the next couple of weeks, however we spend them. For some, this is precious time-out, it maybe a time away from the usual routine, so choices are made. Do we go wild, do we entertain family, do we spend time alone, can we do what we want to do without hurting someone, or are we in other people's hands? Whatever space we're in, or choose to be in, we need to make it work for our well-being. Conscious connection. Moving freely. Pilates is strength. Pilates is breath and deep empowerment. See you in class. Monday 0700 0800 0900 Tuesday 1000 1100 Wednesday 0800 0900 1000.

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