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Published on 17th May 2020

I received this email from Dr Sara Bubb

"Hi Wendy

Hope all is well. Just wondered whether you would mind me using your free video as material for training prospective trainers in Athens. I am leading a Train the Trainers session on Friday on Teams but will ask them to watch and analyse your video as preparatory work. Happy to talk".

I was intrigued and naturally said, yes of course!  I then sent an email saying "Hope it went well, Sara? It’d be good for me to blog about your session and analysis. Sounded intriguing to me and I’m sure would be to others, who follow my blogs, so do let me know, or write a little something that I can include and I’ll blog it". 

Dr Sara Bubb responded with this:

"Yes, it went well, thanks. It was a 4 hour course called Train the Trainers for 30 school teachers from Athens College to enable them to run courses for other teachers. They analysed your warm-up as a pre-training task. Here are the instructions I sent:

Evaluating training - pilates https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ZDVJ4Z/ Before our session, I would like people to analyse someone teaching adults. It will take about 30 minutes. Please watch the video (4 mins) on this page https://www.pilates-instructor.net/pilates-video-list. It is a gentle pilates warm-up so it might make you feel better!
1. Please do the class as a participant. You will need to take shoes off and have a wall to lean against. Then reflect on the experience of being a participant - answer Question 2
2. Please watch it again to analyse what the trainer did - answer the other questions

They really enjoyed doing the pilates, and said these things:

Through the exercise, you increase awareness of how your body works.

She was saying and modeling what she was saying/ soft voice
- How to keep the spine mobilised,  the tummy toned and the hamstrings lengthened the knees strong and the body in a good place.

Good body language, she is calm with a calming voice, she gives clear instructions.

It is extremely challenging as well as difficult to engage your audience using online tutorial.

She made me want to practice. She also made me understand how important Pilates is for our body and soul. Her techniques were easy even for people who have never practiced before.

That when planning a training session, reflection on each aspect is necessary.

Clarity of information, body language, calmness in voice, reassurance

Step by step instruction and demonstration at the same time, calm voice

Voice balancing is a key for overall stress. Calmness is needed to focus on the lesson and achieve the learning goals.

This analysis showed me that a good physical condition, a proper body position, some breathing techniques and a strong voice handling can be really helpful for a trainer to work efficiently in his/her classroom. 

Speak calmly but directly and accurately and firmly. model what you say be as clear and accurate in instructions and modeling

She is illustrating what the trainer is expected to do. She is doing what the trainer is expected to do.


The suggestion for improvement would be to wear tight clothes or shorts to enable the viewer to see the movements more clearly.


Thanks again, Wendy!


Thank you Dr Sara Bubb and thank you to all the delegates at Athens College for this feedback. Watch out, I'll be uploading a new free video in tight clothes, or shorts even.  You know it makes sense! So I must and I will! 

See you in the zoom, one2one, or however we work together at the moment and continue to keep strong.  Breathe Connect Move.  Much love xox



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