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Brilliant session on the Core

Published on 10th July 2020


"Thank you so much Wendy for a brilliant class this morning. I am enjoying all your Zoom sessions, but today I decided to join your ‘Zoom in on the core and lumbar spine’ class just to try something a bit different.

I’m so glad I did because the class was fantastic. Despite having taught ballet for many years, I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about core muscles!

Your knowledge is very deep, your cueing is excellent and all the information was clearly delivered in your usual gentle way. A really beneficial and interesting morning.

Thanks again

Keep safe"

Fabulous feedback about the zoom-in on Tuesdays at noon.  Thank you GG.  I'm doing ten Zooms and one of them is called zoom-in at noon and is on Tuesdays.  It focusses on one thing.  So you get the how, why, where, what about "it" We explore it.  So far the zoom-ins have been on the knees, hips, sciatic nerve, middle and upper back, abs, core and then most recently the core and lumbar.  I'm thinking neck this week, so see you in the zoom and the noon zoom-in, too.  All sessions are accessible via links in my blog. xox 


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