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Zoom takes a Breather Postcard from Italy

Published on 3rd August 2020

Dearest All

Zoom takes a Breather

My apologies, I have tried to Zoom but the Wi-Fi connection is not consistent. This won’t work for our Zoom sessions while I’m away.  I am back in London on 11th August.

Class 82 was uploaded to the library on Wednesday and is the One Leg Stretch and Leg Pull Supine and this Wednesday, Class 83 will be uploaded, it is Grab A Chair and Find Every Fibre.  See you in the library classes, until we meet again in Zoom.  On 11th I will post links for Zooms scheduled for Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th August. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Postcard from my holiday

The place is incomparable to any other.  It was described to me as paradise and, I have to say, it is. Every morning the sun rises right in front of us and sparkles joyfully leading us to La Costa degli Dei.  The emerald waters are clear and full of wonderment.  We snorkel and float.  What we find is stunning and fascinating to witness. Then, picking a fig or two along the way, we head towards coffee, accompanied by constant fluid views across the seas.  

Standing still, coffee in hand, we look out to sea and, in one direction we witness Mount Stromboli, one of three active volcanoes here.  She’s been consistently active for 5000 years!  And breathe! In a matter of minutes of seeing her, there it is another minor Strombolian eruption and then another. 

And, as if standing still on the veranda drinking in the panoramic views and swimming in the sea isn’t enough, we’ve also been to Tropea, 12thcentury Tropea.  This ancient town stands tall and dignified on the cliffside, with the gulf of St. Euphemia at her core.  Utterly breathtaking to stand on the edge of Tropea, the edge of the cliffside and lower our eyes to look down at the ocean, maintaining our balance through breath and connection!  It is equally awesome being in the ocean below looking up at the town, or in a boat looking at the curves and coves that ground her.  All of which we’ve done, pure magic. 

I know I’m lucky to be here for many reasons and I am treasuring every moment.  And yes, I Breathe Connect Move under the water and also while floating on air. 

Much love and see you soon xox


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