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Feedback from Peer Mentor Coaches in Athens

Published on 21st June 2020

Hi Wendy

Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that I used another of your videos in my training for 30 Greek teachers who were all at their homes in Athens – it would normally have been held face to face at the wonderful Athens College in 30 degrees.

This 4 hour course was to help them be peer mentor-coaches. We all watched and did video 7 from your library. Making the neck feel good - stretches for the neck, little nods and shakes, turns, tilts and releasing into the hand

The task was then to practise giving you feedback on the lesson. I didn’t record them, but these were the points covered from my notes:

Thank you for this lesson. They really enjoyed it and felt calm and so much better! You were calm, clear instructions, told us what to avoid, lovely voice, smooth, relaxing, stable, clear guide, safe for all, demonstration, eye contact, confident, good subject knowledge, prepared, plan and structure, good use of time, mirror, encouraging for all, smiling, body language, gesture; helped us, we listened well, we followed carefully.


best wishes

Dr Sara Bubb
Academic Head of Research and Graduate Tutor in Department of Learning & Leadership
Associate Professor | UCL Institute of Education



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