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Zoom Links for 27th July and Standing Tall and Moving Forward

Published on 22nd July 2020

Dearest All,

I will see you this Monday (27th July) for our Zoom sessions at 0800 1030 and 1400.

 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81616510047 0800 For All: Wake Up and Feel Good 

 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84989066911 1030 For All: Energising 

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84692357985 1400 For All: Relax and Unwind Peaceful Session, no hellos no good-byes

Going Away

This Tuesday (28th July) I'm travelling to a new backdrop! A fabulous and unprecedented opportunity for me. Once I've paused, centred myself, and breathed deeply many times and enjoyed marvellous beams of vitamin D finding my bones, I hope to post Zoom links so we can practise together at times that suit the rhythm of my time away. I hope the times will work for you too and you will be able to join me for some of them.

Home Again

When I return, we will resume our zoom sessions from my studio, from Wednesday 12th August onwards, at the times we've worked out together that work so well. 

RAD summer school and Evening Zooms 

Come the week of 17th August, it will possibly be, and maybe I dare say, probably be, a week of the Royal Academy of Dance summer school, which we hope to present, with precautions in place.  During that week I will be offering evening Zoom sessions for us and will post links, in due course.

Returning to the Hall and Zoom Continues

From September, we may be able to use the hall again for our regular sessions at All Saints.  I am keeping my ear to the ground, with regard to the evidence we gather on gyms, and the like, reopening. I will be discussing with Adam, caretaker extraordinaire, and the team at All Saints, on the best way to make returning to the room work for everyone.  Adam is on point and we hope to find a way forward. I will however continue to be in the Zoom, too.   

Have Library Have Class

There are 81 classes for you in the library. Class 82 will be uploaded this Wednesday 29th. Every class is complete in itself but you can do as many classes as you like, whenever you like, 24/7. They're all yours in the library.  I cue you through every move, as I demonstrate along the way.  https://www.pilates-instructor.net/items/pilates-video-subscription

Thank you

My love and thanks to you for your incredible support throughout this time. Your beautiful responsive work, your membership, your presence, your messages, your notes, your smiles, your virtual hugs. You've kept my mind at peace, my bills paid and my nutrition sound!  It's been the most moving of times, and each and every one of you has had to deal with unprecedented challenges. Whatever though, we keep strong, stand tall and move forwards.

It shouldn't go unsaid that we have adapted to our new way of keeping strong and supple together, we've learned how to continue to practise together in the library and the zoom with terrific success and I admire you from my core! It's been an honour to be with you through these times and onwards.

The Circle of Life

I have been deeply touched that recently Mandy Mitchell, a leading figure in the Fitness Industry for many years, has attended my Zooms.  Mandy gave me unconditional huge opportunities when I started as a teacher way back when, opened doors with generosity, like no other, asking me to cover her classes and introducing me to her wealth of work in health clubs.  She always encouraged me and shared feedback with me, her students enjoying my teaching truly delighted her.  I'm telling you, she's one in a million. When she started my Zooms I was a little nervous, if I'm honest, because I respect her so highly but, as ever, she has only given me love.  A real pleasure to see you, Mandy.  Even my dog, my EV, popped into the studio when she heard your voice, a voice unknown to her but clearly she knew she should meet you.  She even bowed down.  And so she should.  

Much love everyone.  Keep strong.

Breathe Connect Move xox





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