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Pilates Videos include Seal, Crab and Jack Knife

Published on 25th February 2019

This week we're working with the ball and circle. We're working the abdominals from the inside out, we're using our centre to balance and strengthen our work, as we roll and balance, hold positions to challenge our core, we're also releasing our shoulders and hips, we're performing the dog to lengthen the hip rotators and we're finding the obliques in a few moves, too, to stabilise and strengthen throughout our spine and torso. I could go on but, suffice to say, full body will be toned from the inside out as usual! There are now 45 videos including a workout for the pelvic diaphragm. Enjoy. I've done a rolling series, too. Abdominals all the way with Seal and Crab and Jack Knife to keep the legs toned while we're at it! There's a video for balance standing, and another for stability while adding load to the core. There's also a video to blast those clasts, join me to keep the bone density strong. I've not been well. Ha! I don't normally say that! I've actually had flu for the first time in many years but Pilates kept me flowing through and now I'm out the other side. Keep moving, keep Pilates in your day. It works, you'll feel it. Feedback today from a student, who'd let herself go and was desperate to get herself back in the driving seat "Thank you. I am feeling much better and you were right everything is getting back to where it should be." Pilates is about feeling it, understanding it and executing it for your own wellbeing. Love it. See you in class. Very best xox

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