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Fourteen Weeks of Sessions

Published on 25th April 2022

Hello and Welcome Back

If I tell you that everything came out of left field over my time off, you'll know why I am determined to keep my mind and body fluid!  I imagine the same is happening in some of your lives, too? Life throwing in a curveball, or several at once, perhaps? So, are you bending and weaving, ducking and diving, and determined to maintain some balance?  Come join me in class as I, for one, cannot wait to resume our discipline and regularly check in with the whole me. We'll probably use bands in most sessions, but I'll see what's what as we go!  We'll definitely focus on everything in bite sizes and possibly put the bite sizes together into one huge meal, if it suits our bodies on the day, and in the moments!  It is always good to welcome new people to our sessions.  Please click this link for details of room sessions None of the room sessions are full, and Zoom sessions are always open to all.  Do email me if you'd like to introduce yourself. 

Great to have so many of you online with me and even better to know that you're finding the sessions you need to heal and to master Pilates' moves.  A wonderful way to progress safely and consistently in your own time. 

Room sessions: Mon 7, 8, 930 am Tues 10, 11 am Wed 8, 930,(1030 am Chair/Barre)

Zoom links for this week of 25th April: 

11 am Chair and Barre MONDAY https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83235862299

8 am Standing and Mat TUESDAY https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81230289815

8 am Standing and Mat THURSDAY https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81977316100

9 am Standing and Mat THURSDAY https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84131099370

10 am Chair and Barre THURSDAY(897th!) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84157763815

You might like to diarise an Open House Event at the new RAD studios.  This event is free and open to all.  With some wonderful taster sessions and opportunities available for ALL the family, including - Musical Theatre Dance, African Dance and Drumming, Contemporary and, if you're aged 4 - 17, you might like a chance to audition for a scholarship in front of an expert panel headed by Dame Darcey.  Or, simply come and explore. I'll be there, presenting a Taster session, so wave to me through the studio glass as you pirouette by! I promise I'll wave back, if I see you while upside down and most definitely inside out! Whatever, come and enjoy. Check the details by clicking this link:

Open House Event at The Royal Academy of Dance

I very much look forward to seeing you this week and beyond.  There is a Bank Holiday coming up on Monday 2nd May, and then we have Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June to add to our weekend, due to the Queen's Jubilee.  But, apart from these dates, classes will run for fourteen weeks, taking us to August when I will be teaching summer schools. I'll keep you posted nearer the time, as ever. 

Thank you, Keep strong. 

Breathe Connect Move,



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