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Pelvic Diaphragm Control

Published on 1st July 2019

It is July and we have a summer full of Pilates sessions. Classes continue as normal throughout July and August, except there are no classes the week of 19th August. This will be the week I am teaching Pilates for the summer intensive examination course at the RAD. There is also one Bank Holiday Monday on 26th August when, as you know, there are no sessions. This week we're working everything, as always, starting with the knees, feeling our powerhouse, connecting through awareness and breath and pelvic diaphragm control. We move through the body and even do the Teaser. If that sounds like a possibility to you then we'll hold it. If you think, no way, you'll surprise yourself, I'll show you how and you'll prepare yourself for this wonderful moment in the session. All good, always modifications along the way and challenging the most advanced to the most tentative. And, btw, the Power Rings I ordered to sell to you, are nearly all gone just two left. Let me know if you want one and I'll order more so you're not disappointed. xox


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