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Published on 19th September 2022


Thank you for sharing your deep experience of this huge historical impactful time.  I send you my love and strength as we witness the same time in history and observe, receive and understand in our own complex ways.

All I can do is continue to offer you Contrology, aka conscious movement, aka Pilates.  

If you're thinking of joining us, there are between two and four free spaces available in every session. Please contact me. Group sessions continue graciously spatially aware and uncrowded.

Please do come if you'd like to experience a session, you don't have to be in a good place to benefit from the wonders of Contrology. It is a divine discipline when we're not in a good place, and joyful when we're feeling on top of the world, and when we're somewhere in between it's always stabilising and healing. 

We're not practising on Monday 19th September 2022.

We're in the Room this week for five sessions only. At All Saints Lovelace Road/Rosendale Road SE21: Tuesday 20th at 1000 and 1100, Wednesday 21st at 0800 and 0930 with a Chair session at 1030. All 55-minute sessions. Equipment continues to be sanitised. 

Here are our Zoom links for this week, obviously minus Monday: 

Tuesday 20th September Matwork at 0800 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88982002505

Thursday 22nd September Matwork at 0800 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82943823139

Thursday 22nd September Matwork at 0900 (972nd!) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84331980045 

Thursday 22nd September Chair at 1000 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86817919727

And, in our private worlds, I'll meet you online 24/7. These sessions are open to everyone; every level, every issue. Let me know if you want access, and I'll set it up for you, or please join via the link. 

Our next 1250 Monday session at The Royal Academy of Dance will be on 26th September in the Linbury Studio.  Please contact me directly to enrol.  

Thank you.

Breathe Connect Move

With very best wishes


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"Contrology develops not only the muscles of the body, suppleness of the limbs, and functioning of vital organs and endocrine glands; it also clarifies the mind and develops the will"

Frederick Rand Rogers

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