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Published on 18th April 2020

Email sent to West Dulwich students on Tuesday 14th April 2020

Dearest All

This email may seem more "business-like" than usual but I think it is important that I share my thoughts with you.  I am thinking of you and realise this present situation impacts on us all in different and complex ways.

This email is to clarify the financial situation "@wendyjardinepilates".  You pay me in advance for your sessions at All Saints.  Therefore, we have a trusted credit system that works because; classes reliably continue, your place is guaranteed, and you attend regularly when you can.  Your renewals are sent to you when your credit is zero.

This present situation has of course meant that classes simply cannot be provided at All Saints and you cannot therefore attend!  In light of this, I froze all accounts.  I froze them in the knowledge that it is our mutual intention to return to normal and pick up where we left off.

However, as the weeks tick by and unexpected ramifications beat on our doors, it would seem to me that some of you may now be reflecting about the credit I have in your name?  Maybe you are beginning to wonder if you should ask me for a refund? 

May I say, that not one of you has asked me for a refund, in fact quite the reverse and I have been deeply touched by your sincere, thoughtful and generous approach to me at this time.  You are exceptionally special people and I am very grateful and thankful. But...…..

First of all, I want to assure you that your credit is safely frozen and it is still my intention to be back in the room with you, as soon as we're given the green light.  However, please send me an email if you would like your credit returned. I will then send you an email to clarify your account with, as ever, a list of sessions attended, and then ask you for your sort code and account number to credit your bank account. I would then ask you to email me, once you've received the credit. 

Some of you may like to know your credit balance with me anyway, please just ask. 

In line with the way I am and the way I run my business, please know that you can email me, in strictest confidence, and without fuss or trouble, we can sort this so that you are completely comfortable with our arrangement during these uncertain times.

My love to you all and very best wishes,

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