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Zoom links for week of 13th July 2020

Published on 11th July 2020

Dearest All,

Welcome and thank you, please click the links and know I'm right here, and always so very happy to see you, as we continue our essential practising and, clearly, feeling strong together.  Thank you for your continued presence, this wonderful truth helps me in MY mental and physical well-being.  Please know this.  I've had beautiful and copious emails and messages thanking ME but please know YOU are keeping me strong, too. Thank you, with all my gratitude and respect.

The times of sessions remain the same, but, the content of each and every session is always fluid, as you know.

Ten Sessions: Monday 0800, 1030, 1400 Tuesday 1030, noon zoom-in 1200, 1400 Wednesday 0800, 1030 Thursday 1030, 1300(1 pm)

MONDAY 13th July at 0800 Early Bird Session: FOR ALL Wake Up Release Prepare Standing and matwork  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83531990403

MONDAY 13th July at 1030:  FOR ALL WHO WANT TO BE CUED TO UBER ADVANCED Or you stay focussed on a level we find along the way https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82188349453

MONDAY 13th July at 1400: Release, tone and relax.  Yes, obvs we'll tone every fibre, but, how about you light that candle you love, or listen to instrumental wonder that makes you feel good, and enjoy that along with the session. At the end of this session I will not unmute mics, so we continue to rest and relax and I'll close the session and leave you in your space https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84025392912

TUESDAY 14th July at 1030: FOR ALL This session is chair and standing based. Please bring a chair, cushion and dressing gown belt. Full body, we use the chair for all sorts!  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81809034166

TUESDAY 14th July at 1200: FOR ALL: Noon Zoom-in on the neck, let's sit first on a chair and then we'll stand, and let's set ourselves up to have a wall we can use, too. We can always, as is my way, imagine the wall so simply just click on the link and give your neck contentment.  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88513560969

TUESDAY  14th July at 1400: FOR ALL Toning, stretching and feeling good, on the mat https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89286888035 

WEDNESDAY 15th July at 0800 Early Bird session: FOR ALL Wake Up Release Prepare https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86530576107

WEDNESDAY 15th July 1030: FOR ALL Full Body, STANDING https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88134775185

THURSDAY 16th July 1030: FOR ALL Warm up and release, STANDING  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86324146117 

THURSDAY 16th July 1300(1 pm): FOR ALL Lean toning on the mat, please bring a cushion for resistance and feedback https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84324950336     

Please note the nature of being a participant in a zoom session: 1. You are free to multi task, if your loved ones need you during the session, you won't disturb other participants,because your mic will be muted.2. Sessions will begin approximately five minutes after the starting times above, to give you time to technically set up,please take your time and join in when you're ready.3. Sessions will last approximately 40 minutes and ALL sessions embrace my heartfelt ethos, to breathe, connect and move.4. You take full responsibility for your choices during the session.  As you know, I offer modifications as we safely build moves.  However, if you feel something is not quite right for you, on any day in any session, STOP, simply breathe and relax until you're comfortable to join in again.  5. Each Zoom session's ID is identical to the number on the link. The door to zoom sessions is always open, if the link doesn't work for you when you click it, manually input it or copy paste it.  You will never be shut out!6. Last, but most importantly, we will feel stronger, from the inside out, and maintain and increase our lung capacity.

Paying for the sessions is £4 per session, £8 per family to

Sort Code 09-01-27 Account Number 11770031

Thank you for your prompt payments, all participation and payments are recorded.

Take your credit from room to zoom. Please email me for updates on your credit. Just click on the links and keep practising. 

Not only are our zoom sessions covid-secure, they're weather-proof, truly rewarding, require no driving or parking and exemplify time management and we're safely together. We are not herding and hoping for the best, but instead keeping strong as we breathe deeply and meaningfully so we can face the herding we HAVE to do and be in the best place to do it.  Keep safe.

If you're new to me, click on a link and enjoy the sessions.  Email me if you'd like to introduce yourself and let me know of anything you need and it'll be peppered into your sessions.

The links will be here in my blog each week.  

The library: The new session this Wednesday is abs abs abs. Session 80. Every request is yours and all eighty sessions are yours in the library.   Help yourselves.

Breathe Connect Move

See you in the zoom and the library and very best wishes,

Wendy xox



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"Watch a cat, as it lazily opens its eyes, slowly looks around, and gradually prepares to rise after a nap. First, it gradually rises on its hindquarters and then gradually lowers itself again, at the same time sprawling out on the floor, leisurely stretching its forepaws (with extended claws) and legs. Observe closely how all its back muscles actually ripple as it stretches and relaxes itself.... Observe, too, how cats sleep - utterly relaxed whether they happen to be lying on their back, side or belly, Contrology exercises emphasize the need for this constant stretching and relaxing"


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