Pilates in West Dulwich - Wendy Jardine
Wendy Jardine


Tracy, West Norwood 2018 "I just want to say how amazingly pain free my left leg and shoulder is after today's session I feel amazing and youthful all because of you!  Thank you! That stretch you invented is the best ever!  Thx again".

Allison, Streatham 2018 "Thank you for all your wonderful Pilates sessions' stretching the body and relaxing the mind - the best start to my week - my body would seize up without you, not to mention the knee....!"

Lucille, Forest Hill 2017 "Dear Wendy, I was thinking today as we enter our tenth year of Pilates (longer than my time in senior school, longer than any other class I have ever attended including aerobics, aqua aerobics, yoga, zumba, fencing, trampolining, creative writing) that it is remarkable how you deliver each and every class so freshly and intentionally. Each class has been carefully planned and considerately delivered to cope with a wide variety of abilities and new ideas are thoughtfully introduced to keep some of us old timers on our toes (literally and metaphorically!). I don’t know how many students you have now but you really manage to show that you take a personal interest in everybody’s progress, not to mention remembering all their names and quirks. You’ve never once slipped into autopilot and you certainly never sound bored or even tired which you surely must be on occasion. I was famously unaware of your two car accidents, only slightly aware of the water slide injury and as you never bring your personal life to class, totally unaware of any changes in your family circumstances until much later through chance conversation. I take my hat off to you! We were supposed to retire to Sussex but ....we are staying put in London for the foreseeable future. The upside of this is that I don’t have to find a new Pilates teacher! You’d be a hard act to follow!" Jan, West Dulwich, June 2016 "Your lessons are brilliant - we get so much out of them largely because you put so much in. Thank you!

Jenny, Beckenham, June 2016
"Thank you for a heavenly hour. It was magical for me."

Jo B., Streatham, December 2015 "I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to recover my body and in so doing, my 'real' self. I do sincerely believe that your careful guidance in Pilates and Nutrition is the key to my success." "Thank you so much for all your amazing teachings, Wendy. I'm so grateful. I've been telling all my friends that these classes have been like a miracle for me" Kristina, West Dulwich, November 2014 "Just to say how effective your pilates classes have been in helping me recover from abdominal surgery last November. I can really feel my stronger core and the benefits of pilates on my body as a whole. What I love about your classes is that you remember what people’s ailments are and it feels very personalised even though it is a group exercise" Kim, West Dulwich, November 2014 "Looking forward to re-joining you all, I hear some serious work has been taking place in my absence! My muscles are trembling in fear and anticipation…" Ria, RAD, 21 October 2014 "I was in rehearsal for my show yesterday and everyone was lacking energy so I made them do some pilates neck stretches, shoulder shrugs and roll downs…I channelled your voice!" Michaela, Royal Academy of Dance, 21 October 2014 "I can't recommend Wendy enough, I have been doing Pilates for years and she has been the best teacher by far. She has a wonderfully calming, sympathetic touch, and after each session I feel as though I have worked every muscle in my body. It's amazing to come out of a class and feel as though you've had a massage when really you've just worked everything really hard. My posture is amazing, and my clothes fit better after only 5 classes." Charlotte, RAD summer school 2013 "I started going to Wendy's fantastic pilates classes just over 6 months ago on the advice of my physio with the hope that I'd improve my core strength and areas that have been causing me problems since I was a teenager (for me mainly my lower back, hips and knees). From the beginning Wendy has helped me to notice my own imbalances, target my problem areas and has tailored exercises to suit me even when the classes are very busy. I noticed benefits immediately and - as she promised at my first class - I was very soon hooked on pilates! Over the last 18 years I've had advice and training from physiotherapists, osteopaths, yoga and ballet teachers. Though all of these were useful at the time, none of them really helped me to fully identify and correct the underlying problems with my posture and to offer real long term changes in how I used my muscles. After around 30 classes with Wendy I can feel and see remarkable differences already; my whole torso is flatter and more toned, my hips and back are much more stable and comfortable, my neck feels longer and even my toes are more relaxed! Every week the classes are different and I learn something new about my body so I can still feel the improvements continuing with each class. I keep telling my friends that I feel like I've lived 30 years without ever really knowing how to actually use my own body properly until now - it's been a complete revelation for me and I can't thank Wendy enough for her expert help, excellent teaching and for her thorough and varied classes!" Emily W, West Norwood, July 2013 "Thank you so much for all the fantastic Pilates classes. It is great to work out the body from the inside out, but also to 'escape' from everything else going on in life. I always come away feeling relaxed. The music is calming and soothing too" Christine, West Dulwich, December 2012 "What a great Pilates year it has been. Thank you so much for all your care and consideration and for making each class so special - no chance of boredom creeping in!" Patricia, Dulwich, December 2012 "Wendy teaches with sensitivity, intelligence and humour . My body which was severely damaged in a road traffic accident is now strengthened and realigned and my once regular visits to my osteopath are now a thing of the past. Within the class situation Wendy finds time to give individual advice so that whatever your level you gain the maximum from her excellent knowledgeable teaching." Hilary W. West Dulwich September 2012 "Wonderful class this morning. You're so intuitive....just dealt with all the areas that have been aching! I vowed of course to do this every morning!" Carol M, 17 September 2012 "My 12 year old Granddaughter was ill at school on Wednesday so I went to pick her up. A smiling Elise came out and told me that the office thought I was her Mother!! I was recounting this to a friend and she said she wasn't surprised they had made that mistake and that if she hadn't known me better she would have thought I was using Botox and had a few tucks!!! Woweeeeeeeeee. Thank you Pilates, Zumba and facials" Susan V, 27 January 2012 "This morning’s hamstring stretch was amazing! I couldn’t believe the difference it had made to my ‘bad’ leg, which I always start with, until I swapped over, and I wanted to share this with you. There is definitely an improvement, and I also wanted to tell you that I surprised myself by doing a full sit-up a couple of days ago, when I was working with your CD; I’ve never been able to do that before without my legs wildly flailing in the air and I almost did it without thinking! Thank you so much for your continuing inspiration and support" Nicki B, 25 January 2012 "Very nice talking to you again and thank you so much for the advice on my little muscular blip! You've given me hope for a strong recovery. Talking of which, since your course at the RAD over the summer - and your excellent advice on ways to strengthen the muscles supporting my knees - I no longer suffer from knee pain: not even when I'm running. It's quite incredible. Perhaps you should run courses at Lourdes? Anyway, thank you for the Miracle of the Knee and words of wisdom. Look forward to working with you again soon" Matthew T., Royal Academy of Dance student 26 October 2011 "An unexpected bonus from Wendy’s Pilates lessons has been more enjoyment from watching ballet- it’s to do with being in better touch with one’s own body, and having greater respect for the dancers" Richard A.,West Norwood October 2011 "After being away from the Monday class it feels like coming back home - a fantastic way to begin the day, the week and the year - Thanks Wendy" Joanne J., West Dulwich 4th January 2010 "Sessions still great fun. Commentary, instructions and encouragement all impeccable." Richard A., West Norwood 15th February 2010 "I have learned to trust Wendy's knowledge of Pilates and always feel very safe with her. Wendy clearly identifies my physical problems, she knows how the exercises will feel for me and anticipates any difficulties and she correctly judges how much of any one exercise I can safely manage. Always sensible and kind Wendy does, however, encourage me to extend myself week by week. I value her judgement and opinions about my programme. Wendy's communication is excellent. She gives clear instructions and explanations and understands very well if I ask questions. Always professional, Wendy is very reliable in terms of classes, payments and information I need and could not be more helpful or accessible. Wendy is patient and non-judgmental about issues, such as weight and physical ability. Her comments are always constructive and never critical removing any awkwardness or embarrassment if I find something difficult. The lessons are well-structured and interesting. I can see how we build on what we have done before and there's a lot of encouragement and positive feedback to keep me motivated. I can feel enormous benefits from considerably improved flexibility relieving joint pain and stiffness and aching in my lower back and neck and shoulders. My posture has also become important to me as I have seen the noticeable improvement which, in turn, has improved my confidence. I have enjoyed learning how to listen to my body and to understand more about what it needs and I enjoy the feeling of well-being that the classes bring. Wendy clearly values and enjoys her Pilates and I feel very lucky to be taught by her." Gwyneth M., Streatham 18th July 2008 "When I started Pilates, because my mum said that I should improve my posture, I was hesitant because I thought that it was a bit girly, and as comfortable as I am with that, I was quite scared about being in a class with quite a few giggling middle aged women! But, as soon as I entered the room, Wendy made me feel comfortable and not strange and self conscious by smiling and doing her CRAZY laughing! As I'm not very good at putting things into words I thought I would write a poem to say how much I enjoy the classes and the private sessions I have had! Dear Wendy, Your lessons make me bendy, Your classes make me laugh-es. And when I must do a hamstring stretch, I know that it is for the best, (However much I want to wring your neck (because it is a 'good' feeling?!) I know that it is helping me, My body, And my fe (et), So I thank you lots, For not being a pox, When I am tired, 'Cos you must want to get me fired, And what an inspiration, You can be to me when you can touch your toes (on the station?!), But what I want to say is thank-you, For the classes, And the laugh-es! So if that didn't explain it, I have really enjoyed the classes, as they have improved my confidence in myself and my body, and actually made me proud of certain things (like my new and improved calf muscles!) I will definitely keep going to see Wendy for some serious hamstring stretching and some bombastic calf toning, because, lets be honest Wendy is an amazing teacher and PILATES ROCKS!!!!" Tim Q., West Dulwich 7th July 2008 "Once I started these sessions with Wendy, I quickly realised how effective they are at pinpointing areas of weakness and imbalance. This was particularly noticeable in comparison to the body conditioning classes I had been doing previously. The One to One aspect provides much better focus for the client due to the tailored attention to detail - which means no escape! The concentration and focus needed during each session resulted in a feeling of calm and wellbeing. I found the logical explanation of the purpose of each exercise particularly satisfying. The sessions have helped with self correction of my posture and have made me aware of what muscles are being trained and how. By checking my flexibility before and after the course, Wendy was able to clarify that my range of movement has improved significantly. Since completing my course, I have noticed an improved balance of strength and control between my upper and lower body and an increased awareness of how I hold myself. Wendy has been very thorough, every step is noted and referred back to with continual encouragement. I felt I was in very safe hands and have really enjoyed the whole exercise. It goes without saying I will definitely continue Pilates with Wendy!" Louisa M., West Dulwich 20th June 2008 "Pilates! What's Pilates? My daughter had just asked me if I would like to go with her to a class at the local church. I knew nothing about Pilates - would it be suitable to someone my age with a couple of aching joints? It's about stretching and giving your muscles a workout I was told. OK I'll try anything once. The first session was a surprise. After a general assessment and gentle introduction to exercises that might help my various problems I really didn't believe that my body would be transformed, muscles strengthened and posture improved. Anyway, 8 sessions later, I feel as if there has been a marked improvement - muscles feel stronger and body tone enhanced. I even practise the 'core position' while waiting at the bus-stop or doing the washing-up. Thank you Wendy for awakening my very relaxed and tired looking body" Delia H., West Dulwich 16th July 2008 "My Pilates sessions with Wendy have been very challenging and very beneficial to my needs. When I first came, my posture was very out of alignment. I did not know this until I saw the pictures that Wendy took of me at the beginning of the sessions. I now believe that this was the reason for my low back pain which radiates down my left leg. Each week proved to be very challenging for me as some movements were difficult to fully carry out due to the pain in my lower back and leg. However, by the 7th week the pain in my leg had gone! The stiffness in my back is also improving and with more classes we both believe that this will also improve enabling me to function more freely. I have also noticed a change in my posture and the way in which I stand. I am very grateful to Pilates and more grateful to Wendy as she has helped me through this with various advice and taking that extra mile to giving me a homecare routine to follow. Thank you so much." Leyla A., Streatham 14th July 2008