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Bone Density

Wendy "Blasts those Clasts" Moves that specifically target bone strength. Suitable for all

10 Rolling and challenging the abs

10 Rolling and challenging the abs

Video number 10 (7 minutes)

Rolling like a ball; building layer upon layer into open leg and advanced rolling.

12 Understanding the Plank

12 Understanding the Plank

Video number 12 (8 minutes)

Building layer upon layer from the inside out, into full plank with circles

41 Abs and Bones Rolling, Seal, Crab, Jack Knife

41 Abs and Bones Rolling, Seal, Crab, Jack Knife

Video number 41 (11 minutes)

Rolling, Seal, Crab, Jack Knife Abdominals, bone density, quads, hip rotators, balance, control

43 Let's Blast those Clasts

43 Let's Blast those Clasts

Video number 43 (12 minutes)

Full Body for all. Blast those Clasts, Bone Density, Strength, control, spine, abs, arms, legs, centre

50 Fabulous for bone density and all that's good for the spine (part 2 of 3; 49,50,51))

Video number 50 (14 minutes)

Plank, side bends with plies. Balance and strengthen everything to do with the spine.  Can be used as part 2 of 3; 49,50,51, or in isolation.

59 Strengthen knees, improve balance and alignment

Video number 59 (12 minutes)

Ever been told to stand up and sit down to strengthen your knees?  This one's for you. We will make sure the knees strengthen, the body is aligned, the six pack gets to tone, too, as it should when standing and sitting.  It's easy and effective when you know how. Your feet, ankles, knees, thighs, abs and back will benefit. (A chair, a ball or a rolled up towel, and a power circle or a belt)

66 Plank with Shoulder Lats and Tricep Toning (part 3 of 3 64,65,66)

Video number 66 (12 minutes)

66, as ever, is a complete session but could be third of 64,65,66  It'll work your centre, challenge full body strength, as you take plank to the level that suits you with excellent placement and head turns, and you'll work arms, tone triceps and lats and find your shoulders, their stability and strength. All from the inside out. 

71 Lungs lungs lungs

Video number 71 (15 minutes)

Standing all the way through (or sitting if preferred) we breathe into every bit of our lungs and increase our lung capacity together. We'll oxygenate and rid ourselves of what we don't need and revitalise the good.  You'll lengthen and release your whole body, too.  Suitable and vital for all.




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