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Pelvic Floor training, understanding the what, why, where and how while making a difference. Suitable for all

42 Everything you need for your pelvic floor

42 Everything you need for your pelvic floor

Video number 42 (12 minutes)

For All. Exercising and toning the pelvic diaphragm. Understanding it, finding it through breath, control, tone and release.

58 Breathe and Connect

Video number 58 (20 minutes)

Breathe and connect. It's simple when you know how!  Twenty minutes of wonderful connection.  This video will give you complete understanding of breath and gives you time to master your training breath, to feel lateral thoracic breathing and to feel and master your connection and understand when to add load.  Fundamental, effective and vital for your wellbeing and will enhance your training and strength. (Have a couple of blocks or a block-sized book or two to hand)

71 Lungs lungs lungs

Video number 71 (15 minutes)

Standing all the way through (or sitting if preferred) we breathe into every bit of our lungs and increase our lung capacity together. We'll oxygenate and rid ourselves of what we don't need and revitalise the good.  You'll lengthen and release your whole body, too.  Suitable and vital for all.

85 Exercising the Pelvic Floor v Pelvic Floor Connection

Video number 85 (17 minutes)

85 (circle) is for men and women serious about wanting to strengthen the pelvic floor.  The session is supine throughout and uses an isotoner (circle).  By the end of this session you will be in no doubt about exercising the pelvic floor versus how to maintain a gentle connection to the pelvic floor for core stability, feeling the difference between the two.  The session will give you complete conscious control and core training.




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"In ten sessions you'll feel a difference, in twenty you'll see a difference and in thirty you'll have a new body"


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