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A perfect way to start or end the day, or that moment on a long-haul journey or jury service, you'll know when that moment is, when you've just got to stretch out

1 Breathe, connect, lengthen and begin your Pilates journey

1 Breathe, connect, lengthen and begin your Pilates journey

Video number 1 (9 minutes)

Good for spine: Lying face up; hip hitches, breath, core connection, neck and full body stretch

2 Welcome to the wonder of releasing the body

2 Welcome to the wonder of releasing the body

Video number 2 (11 minutes)

Good for core connection: Lying face up knees bent; pelvic tilts, pelvic circles, full spine stretch with legs to one side, shoulder bridge

3 Welcome to toning every muscle of our posterior chain

3 Welcome to toning every muscle of our posterior chain

Video number 3 (8 minutes)

Good for upper back and middle back strength: Lying face down; extending through the back, legs, hamstrings, buttocks and quads, triceps and swan dive

4 The wonder of the Hips

4 The wonder of the Hips

Video number 4 (12 minutes)

Good for hips: Lying on side; deep stabilisers of hips, outer thighs, inner thighs, breath to lumbar spine

5 Everything you need to feel tall and strong

5 Everything you need to feel tall and strong

Video number 5 (13 minutes)

Good for warming up, preparing for sessions: Standing; placement, mobilisation of neck, spine, sides, hamstring stretches

11 Stand, grow and ease your spine

11 Stand, grow and ease your spine

Video number 11 (8 minutes)

Shoulders, neck, spine, sides, hamstrings, balance

46 Breath, connection, alignment and mobilisation (part 1 of 3; 46,47,48)

Video number 46 (14 minutes)

Use as a warm-up to breathe, connect, mobilise and release.  Or, as part 1 of 3;  46,47,48

49 Everything you need to start or end the day (part 1 of 3; 49,50,51)

Video number 49 (11 minutes)

Use this session on it's own, or as 1 of 3, 49-51.  A wonderful way to prepare your body for the day, the session, or as a release at the end of the day.

52 Isotoner Workout for the Abs, Shoulders, Spine (Part 1 of 3; 52,53,54)

Video number 52 (23 minutes)

Warm-up with the Isotoner (or a band or dressing gown belt) targetting the centre, the hip rotators, the posterior chain including the hamstrings will be stretched. Working from the inside out.

55 Wonderful warm-up with the Pilates ball (part 1 of 3; 55,56,57)

Video number 55 (20 minutes)

Wonderful warm-up, great for knees, buttocks, release of connective tissue, length and mobilisation.  Can be used in isolation, by the beginner or for clinical purposes, or as part 1 of 3 for the advanced student.

61 Isotoner strong core connections (part 1 of 3: 61,62,63)

Video number 61 (21 minutes)

61 sets you up from the inside out using the resistance of the isotoner.  You will warm up and tone your entire body.  Spine, arms, shoulders, lats, abs, legs, you'll balance and align too, as you release connective tissue throughout your body including your neck. Enjoy as a one-off or use as the first part of a fifty minute work-out; following 61 with 62 then 63. (Isotoner and a cushion)

64 Warm up with Connection Shoulders Arms Knees Abs Spine (Part 1 of 3 64,65,66)

Video number 64 (14 minutes)

Warm Up with 64 (Ball or a cushion and a wall) then you could follow with 65 and 66  All we need for aligning and mobilising the shoulders, the knees, the spine, while we connect, breathe and release





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"Breathing is the first act of life, and the last. Our very life depends on it. Since we cannot live without breathing it is tragically deplorable to contemplate the millions and millions who have never learned to master the art of correct breathing"

Joseph Pilates

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