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50 minute sessions

These sessions have been prepared to provide cohesive 50 minute sessions. Each 50 minute session is made up of three videos that have been created to go together in succession. Each video can of course be done individually, if you prefer. There are 50 minute sessions for beginners and for advanced.

46 Breath, connection, alignment and mobilisation (part 1 of 3; 46,47,48)

Video number 46 (14 minutes)

Use as a warm-up to breathe, connect, mobilise and release.  Or, as part 1 of 3;  46,47,48

47 SideBalance AbductorsAdductors Glutes UpperBack Scissors (part 2 of 3; 46,47,48)

Video number 47 (18 minutes)

This is the second of three videos making a 50 minute session, or can be practised in isolation

48 Abs RollOver SidePlank RockingSwan (part 3 of 3; 46,47,48)

48 Abs RollOver SidePlank RockingSwan  (part 3 of 3; 46,47,48)

Video number 48 (19 minutes)

This is part 3 of a full 55 minute session, or can be practised in isolation.

49 Everything you need to start or end the day (part 1 of 3; 49,50,51)

Video number 49 (11 minutes)

Use this session on it's own, or as 1 of 3, 49-51.  A wonderful way to prepare your body for the day, the session, or as a release at the end of the day.

50 Fabulous for bone density and all that's good for the spine (part 2 of 3; 49,50,51))

Video number 50 (14 minutes)

Plank, side bends with plies. Balance and strengthen everything to do with the spine.  Can be used as part 2 of 3; 49,50,51, or in isolation.

51 For the back, shoulders and core finishing with relaxation (part 3 of 3; 49,50,51))

Video number 51 (14 minutes)

This is part 3 of 3 and will open the chest, release the shoulders and the back and will strengthen arms by toning the triceps. The session ends with relaxation.

52 Isotoner Workout for the Abs, Shoulders, Spine (Part 1 of 3; 52,53,54)

Video number 52 (23 minutes)

Warm-up with the Isotoner (or a band or dressing gown belt) targetting the centre, the hip rotators, the posterior chain including the hamstrings will be stretched. Working from the inside out.

53 Letting the shoulders do what they're designed to do (part 2 of 3; 52,53,54)

Video number 53 (20 minutes)

Fabulous for the upper back and shoulders.  Using the isotoner. This is part 2 of 3; 52,53,54 Or, use this video in isolation. Enjoy practising breath, control and strength throughout your waist and back, shoulders and neck.

54 Isotoner fun for abs (or as part 3 of 3; 52,53,54)

Video number 54 (21 minutes)

Using the isotoner to really work from the inside out and play with all the fibres that tone our waists and abs, giving our spine flexibility and flow, and playing with the imagination, too.

55 Wonderful warm-up with the Pilates ball (part 1 of 3; 55,56,57)

Video number 55 (20 minutes)

Wonderful warm-up, great for knees, buttocks, release of connective tissue, length and mobilisation.  Can be used in isolation, by the beginner or for clinical purposes, or as part 1 of 3 for the advanced student.

56 Using the Pilates ball to feel the abs and control the core (or part 2 of 3: 55,56,57)

Video number 56 (14 minutes)

Using the ball. Controlling the abs from the inside out.  Controlling the limbs, as the spine remains stable, with conscious control. Use in isolation, or as part 2 of 3.  55,56,57

57 The Pilates Ball with swan and jack, breath and control (or part 3 of 3; 55,56,57)

Video number 57 (17 minutes)

Using the Pilates Ball. Strong upper back work, mobilisation of the front of the spin. Control, balance and breath.  Can be used as part 3 of 3; 55,56,57 or, in isolation.





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