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w/c 12th November

Published on 11th November 2018

A lovely week ahead.  The classes will flow, transitioning from one move to another.  We'll start standing and end lying down with lots in between.  No equipment, just our bodies, our minds and our mats. We'll mobilise and strengthen and  move every part of our body while enjoying breathing and toning. All my equipment will be available at the 10 am workshop on Wednesday, so bring your preferences and we'll work through every request. On Wednesday afternoon I'm presenting at MIND for their annual staff conference.  Always good to meet new people and introduce Pilates into their lives. I have requests for the November upload of videos and these will be released by the last weekend in November.  They include a morning routine, keeping strong and agile with a broken arm, finding your rotator cuff and opening out your chest and the fourth one is all that's good for the back.  

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