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Published on 17th July 2023

Dear All

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87255039705 Click for 8 am Matwork session this Tuesday 18th

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82572293228 Click for 9 am Chair session this Thursday 20th (1147th Zoom!)

Please note that we are back in the ROOM on Monday 4th September.  Until then, we will meet over ZOOM and ONLINE.  ZOOM is part of your financial account with me, simply click the link to join me (zooms are deducted at half the price of your room sessions). For four weeks, Zooms will be Matwork at 8 am on Tuesdays, and Chair at 9 am on Thursdays. 

ONLINE - I am filming more five minute sessions today and will upload them in the coming days. To join me online - please transfer £20 for the summer, or £30 for three months membership to access over 150 sessions.

Keeping mobile, strong and flexible isn't rocket science, it's simple - it just takes a little knowledge and discipline with moments of conscious Pilates effort.

I'll be at the Academy during the summer, and nel caffè between sessions - come and talk to me if you have any questions, or email me any time - info@pilates-instructor.net

Pilates Courses for the Royal Academy of Dance in 2023 - Dancers and Teachers - please contact The Royal Academy of Dance to book the following courses: (Silver Swans Easter Course 11th to 15th April) Silver Swans Summer Course 17th - 21st July, OPEN TO ALL: Adult Summer Evening Course 17th - 21st July, Junior Summer School 7th - 12th August, Intensives 14th - 18th August. Continual Professional Development 22nd July "Applying Pilates Principles to Ballet Teaching - finding balance physically and emotionally" 

Thank you and very best summer wishes to you all 


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"Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control"


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