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More and More and Less is More

Published on 24th July 2023

Dearest All

As you know, I've uploaded more videos online:

More and More 137 for Core in 5, 138 for Foot in 5, 139 for Strengthening Knee in 5, 140 for Releasing Calves in 5, 141 for Glutes and Hamstring Strength in 5, 142 for Hamstring Stretch in 5, 143 Neck in 5, 144 Obliques in 5, 145 Rotator Cuff in 5, 146 Deltoids in 5, 147 Sciatic Relief in 5, 148 Abs in 5. I've also filmed 149 Hip Rotators in 5, 150 Spinal Alignment in 5, 151 Balance in 5, 152 Posture in 5, 153 Extensors in 5 154 Bone Density in 5 and will upload over the next couple of days. 

Less is More 5 minutes is a long time on one muscle group, and of course it's five minutes of breathing, core connection and postural awareness, too.  So much is achieved in five minutes.  And you can do as many videos as you like, so - if you've got more than five minutes, how about thoroughly targeting another area in 5! My intention is to add 5 minute sessions on each and every joint and muscle group.  Watch this space! Please keep your requests coming in. Great being online with so many of you.  

This week there is also Zoom - open to all, on: 

Tuesday 25th July at 8 am (Matwork) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87255039705

Thursday 27th July at 9 am (Chair) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82572293228 (1149th)

I had the most rewarding week at the Academy.  The building was buzzing with happy people sharing their energy and delight to be together in London practising what we love the most - expressing ourselves through movement and dance.  I was teaching Pilates to two groups of Silver Swans and two groups of Adult Dancers and, on Saturday, presenting CPD to dedicated teachers.  I feel very lucky, and continually grateful, to teach such talented, disciplined and determined dancers and influencers. I will be adding two articles to this website over the next week.  One is for Scuola di Danza di Erica Bront, I was lucky enough to teach Erica and her students and found myself determined to express salient points in Italian!  I will commit my attempts to an article on this website.  The other article will be for the delegates at the CPD on Saturday. Naturally, I invite anyone and everyone to enjoy the articles (or to correct my Italian!).

Remaining Pilates Courses for the Royal Academy of Dance this summer of 2023 - Dancers and Teachers - please contact The Royal Academy of Dance to book the following courses: (Silver Swans Easter Course 11th to 15th April Silver Swans Summer Course 17th - 21st July, OPEN TO ALL: Adult Summer Evening Course 17th - 21st July) Junior Summer School 7th - 12th August, Intensives 14th - 18th August. (Continual Professional Development 22nd July "Applying Pilates Principles to Ballet Teaching - finding balance physically and emotionally")

Thank you, keep safe and strong - and my continued very best summer wishes to you all 


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Frederick Rand Rogers

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