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Have You Heard About The Plank?

Published on 31st July 2023


Have You Heard About The Plank? If you've managed to get through the week without hearing someone talking about the Plank - well done!  It seems to be a talking point amongst influencers on tv and over social media!  Have you planked today?  Hilarious, really, because we've known about the Plank for years! We've reaped the benefits for years!  We also know that Pilates is excellent for lowering blood pressure! So what can we learn from this recent study?  Well, the study tells us The Plank and Wall Sitting reduce blood pressure more than other moves considered in this study. The study also gives us robust evidence that isometric exercises are the way to go - for calming blood pressure! Isometric - simply means an exercise that doesn't move the joint. Doesn't shorten the muscle group. So Plank is a good example, but we do other isometric moves, and I will point them out over zoom this week. I will show you how the Plank is achievable in the Chair class, too!  Oh yes it is! You will do the Plank in the Chair class and you too will reap the benefits. And, no, we won't be going down onto the floor to plank - we will use the wall. All will become clear. We will do both the Plank and Wall Sitting in the Matwork and Chair Zooms this week. It is always marvellous to have yet more robust evidence that we're doing the right thing - We will Plank On and Pilates On with increasing confidence!

Online Library in the library you will find videos 12, 19, 26, 28, 50, 66, 68, 76, 99,109, 154 all contain Isometric Planks.

Online Library in the library you will find videos 60, 78, 139 all contain Isometric Wall Sitting.

Get in touch with me if you'd like me to set you up with access to the online library info@pilates-instructor.net

The library's latest addition is - Video 154 - Isometric Plank in 5 - I recorded it on 16th July, before The Plank seemingly went viral!  Plank is not only good for our blood pressure, it is ideal for bone density and is the best move for the spine.  It in fact activates every muscle in the body and the benefit to every fibre of your spine and core is phenomenal.  

Your 5 minute videos are - 137 Core, 138 Foot, 139 Strengthening Knee, 140 Releasing Calves, 141 Glutes and Hamstring Strength, 142 Hamstring Stretch, 143 Neck, 144 Obliques, 145 Rotator Cuff, 146 Deltoids, 147 Sciatic Relief, 148 Abs, 149 Hip Rotators, 150 Spinal Alignment, 151 Balance, 152 Posture, 153 Back Extensors, 154 Plank. 

Future 5 minute videos will be - 155 Lumbar Relief - and, because it's now a viral fact - 156 will be "Isometric - Wall Sitting" maybe with a Plank to boot! 

Zooms This Week - open to all, on: 

Tuesday 1st August at 8 am (Matwork) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87255039705

Thursday 3rd August at 9 am (Chair) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82572293228 (1151st)

The articles I mentioned last week have been uploaded - if you'd like to read them, please help yourselves. Balance for Ballet Teachers and Influencers and Scuola di Danza - Miei amici italiani, per favore fatemi sapere tutti gli errori!

Remaining Pilates Courses for the Royal Academy of Dance this summer of 2023 - Dancers and Teachers - please contact The Royal Academy of Dance to book the following remaining courses: (Silver Swans Easter Course 11th to 15th April Silver Swans Summer Course 17th - 21st July, OPEN TO ALL: Adult Summer Evening Course 17th - 21st July) Junior Summer School 7th - 12th August, Intensives 14th - 18th August. (Continual Professional Development 22nd July "Applying Pilates Principles to Ballet Teaching - finding balance physically and emotionally"

Thank you, keep safe and strong - and planked up.

Sending you my continued very best summer wishes, 


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