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Two Zooms and Two Weeks

Published on 22nd August 2022


We have Two Zooms this Monday.

Here are the links for this Monday's Zooms:

Monday 22nd 8am Matwork https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88104233578

Monday 22nd 10am Chair https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83901419133

Want a good strong work-out?  Matwork is divine, but so too is Chair!  Don't be put off by the word "Chair"!  It's a full body work-out and our Chair is a terrific addition, stabilising our pelvis, perfect for our upper body work-out, and when standing gives us the option for extra stability for barre work, while we properly target joints, mobility, balance and strength. These sessions fly by, and we never miss a muscle! Good for antenatal, postnatal, fit, recovering, strong, healing, aligning, balance, centring, breathing, mobility, flexibility, well-being. I'll stop now! But suffice to say, Pilates is a wonderful thing for all bodies and minds, whether we're standing, sitting, lying, kneeling or balancing. So, see how you feel on the day?  Would you prefer to sit and stand, or stand and lie, as we breathe, connect and move?

Seeing you online is just as good, by the way, and wonderful to see so, so, so many of you.  All always welcome. I'm very excited that a recent new member found me from Australia! Online conquers time difference, so why not? And we meet regularly, always at the right time for her because of course I'm wide awake and ready to roll! Online 24/7! Such fun!  

And Two Weeks until we resume our usual schedule of Eight Room sessions and Five Zoom sessions each week until Christmas!

Our Full Room and Zoom schedule resumes the week of 5th September 2022:

Room: Monday 7 am, 8 am, 930 am AND Zoom: Chair 11 am

Zoom: Tuesday 8 am AND Room: 10 am and 11 am

Room: Wednesday 8 am, 930 am, Chair 1030 am 

Zoom: Thursday 8 am, 9 am, Chair 10 am

On Monday 12th September, until 5th December, our lunchtime sessions at The Royal Academy of Dance resume at 1250.  We're in Studio 6 on the 12th and the Linbury Studio for the other eleven sessions. No session on 24th October. Please apply directly to me to reserve your space. 

The next email I send you will be on Sunday 4th September. If I don't have your email, and you want to get my one-liner email every Sunday with the link to the week's news and zoom links, then please email me to be added!  Until then, I'll disappear and go Follow the Signs at the Soho Theatre, Dean Street, W1 and continue to recommend Stig in the Dump, still playing at The Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, Chester! If you read last week's blog, you'll understand!

See you in class and very best wishes

Breathe Connect Move


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