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15 Years of Breath Connection Movement but Crisis Looms

Published on 5th September 2022



I've missed our connection!  Can't wait to resume our sessions and get our routine up and running again. 


We're in the Room, at All Saints Lovelace Road/Rosendale Road SE21, on Monday 5th at 0700, 0800 and 0930.  On Tuesday 6th at 1000 and 1100.  On Wednesday 7th at 0800, 0930 and (Chair 1030). All 55-minute sessions. All equipment and mats are sanitised.


Here are our Zoom links for this week, all on the hour for 50 minutes:


Monday 5th September Chair at 1100 



Tuesday 6th September Matwork at 0800 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88982002505


Thursday 8th September Matwork at 0800



Thursday 8th September ADVANCED Matwork at 0900 (963rd!)



Thursday 8th September Chair at 1000 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86817919727



A Bit of News: This Monday is our 15th Anniversary of practising at All Saints!  Yes, truly, this September is the beginning of our 16th year of Breath Connection and Movement in SE21!  I find it hard to believe, too. We've got through 3 Vicars and their families next door, and yet we've still got the baton!  However, let's not take anything for granted as the energy crisis is hitting everyone hard.  All Saints have been hit hard, too. And crisis looms for this small business baton, and affording to hire venues may become a thing of the past. These next four months, to Christmas, are going to lead the way for our baton's future.  So, it's actually simple, let's fill the Room this autumn into winter.  If we can do that, then we'll find ourselves celebrating our 16th, too.  If numbers are low then I will need to hang up my "in-Room" Pilates Socks. Please come, let's make ends meet, and hit the crisis running. 


Loving seeing you online, this is open to everyone; every level, every issue. Let me know if you want access, and I'll set it up for you, or join via the link.


For Monday sessions at The Royal Academy of Dance, please contact me directly to reserve your place.  


Thank you.


Breathe Connect Move

With very best wishes





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