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The nature of home practice is that you are on your own.  Wendy will guide you through every move, however it is essential that you are aware that you are practising with full personal responsibility for your well-being.  You should check with your doctor, if you are in any doubt about your personal suitability for home practice.

Your subscription gives you full use 24/7 of all the videos in the library.

Your subscription is for your personal home practice and not for public use. 

Your subscription is yours and yours alone and should not be shared outside of your home practice.

Reproducing or photographing the videos, or posting them on social media, is strictly prohibited.

The prospective use of the videos in any form, other than for your personal home practice, should in the first instance be discussed with Wendy Jardine so that permission is given in writing.

No refunds. Your subscription is not automatically renewed.  You will be invoiced. It is upto you whether you renew by paying the invoice, or let your subscription lapse.  

All copyright and intellectual property rights remain the exclusive property of Wendy Jardine.

If you wish to discuss our policy, please get in touch.


"Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control"


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