Pilates in West Dulwich - Wendy Jardine
Wendy Jardine

Pilates Videos are on their way

The 20th May, wow that date 20th May meant so much to me for so many years. We’re all fluid though and letting go
is an important part of self-care. Tomorrow is the 20th May 2019 and it is simply and beautifully a new day.

I’ve great news for me, in that wendyjardinepilates media moments have been taken over by some discerning wonderful
people, so my blogs and Instagram, my Facebook and other social media will be their take on my moments.
I needed more time for my physical work and they came up with the solution.

I’ve done some more videos today, they’ll be uploaded in due course.
The Reel Bug filmed two complete sessions of 50 minutes. So, should you need to miss a session, or be on holiday, we can still work together.

When uploaded, videos 46,47,48 and 49,50,51 make up two 50 minute sessions. Both different and both full body.

Enjoy. xox

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