Pilates in West Dulwich - Wendy Jardine
Wendy Jardine

w/c 14th January 2019

Our muscles adapt, that’s what they do. Do they always adapt in the best way for the body? Of course not, they adapt to what we do with them. In our Pilates sessions we are guiding our muscles. We set the path for them to adapt in ways that are useful. Ways that release tension, create space, tone and lengthen and truly help us in our everyday lives. In our everyday routines we’re bound to do all sorts of things that shift our bodies out of what’s ideal. Things that create less helpful adaptation. Pilates empowers us, not just during the session but for always, because we take the knowledge home with us, we have the tools to continue to guide our muscles and keep the adaptation healthy. Positive fluidity. See you in class this week.

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