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Wendy Jardine

The Wendy Jardine Pilates Video Library


Welcome to the Wendy Jardine Pilates Video Library.

I’m often asked for videos so I opened this library. It is my students who have inspired me.

For limitless access to all the videos in the Wendy Jardine Pilates Video library, the cost is £9.99 per month. Join the Library here.

There are currently 24 videos. I will continue to upload videos that my students, or subscribers to the library, request. Videos are added here on a regular basis and every filming session is about creating the videos you want, so please keep your requests coming. I have requests for the filming session next week and these videos will be uploaded by the last week of November.  Email me at info@pilates-instructor.net for requests for December uploads.

November uploads will include a morning routine and keeping strong with a broken arm

View my Introduction Video talking a little about posture and what to look out for...

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You’ll see that I’ve put the videos into categories to make choosing easy. Maybe you want to relax or maybe you want to challenge every fibre? Perhaps you’re recovering and want something therapeutic, or you want to target a certain area, say shoulders?

If you’re not sure which video is just right for you, then please contact me and we can select together.

There’s no limit on the number of videos you can enjoy, please pick and choose like a menu. For example, you could start with a warm-up, go onto working the shoulders, then some rolling, followed by relaxation.  The videos are complete in themselves and vary in length, between ten and twenty minutes.

The videos have been professionally recorded for clarity of sound and movement. I’m mic’d throughout so you can have the volume that suits you.  No ambient sounds, no music and the studio is fitted with triple glazing.

I advise you, on your first visit to the library, to start your Home Practice with the Introduction Video. Then you’ll have the foundations you need to confidently ground your home practice.  Videos 1-6 will cover fundamentals, too.

Also, those that know me know that I like you to get your money’s worth.  Please note that your subscription of £9.99 will automatically renew monthly. However, you can of course just drop-in, when you’re on holiday for example, but get your month’s worth by simply unsubscribing a day before your monthly renewal date.

I’m looking forward to seeing you progress and hearing from you with requests.

If you’re new to my way of teaching, then here’s a little introduction.

I believe in lengthening through the whole body. For example, we lengthen the spine so the curves look after themselves. I’ll show you how to activate your stabilising muscles and how to find your movement muscles throughout your body, consciously, so that in your everyday world you can message your body to lift yourself out of stressful positions and organise your body to ease and comfort.

You will get a real training and work every fibre, every layer, from the inside out. You will breathe to find your centre, to activate the deep stabilising muscles; you will learn to notice how the breath guides your body into deep connection. You will be empowered to teach your body ownership and optimum function.

I look forward to working with you and hearing from you; do drop me a line and introduce yourself, or ask any questions. Welcome.

The Team at the Library

Dearest Students All, thank you for being my daily inspiration.

Simon Tyrrell-Lewis; thank you for filming the sessions and getting the library up and running. Your technical expertise and tenacity is vital.

Evie Schnoodle, thank you for being the cheekiest cause behind that old chestnut, “Take Two”.

Darling Family, always laughing out loud, love it.

Time to go now and breathe, lengthen and take ownership of our bodies.