Pilates in West Dulwich - Wendy Jardine
Wendy Jardine

The Wendy Jardine Pilates Video Library

Welcome to the Wendy Jardine Pilates Video Library.

I’m often asked for videos. My Pilates students inspire me. You have limitless access to all the videos in the collection.

If you’re not sure which video to start with, then we can select together, please just contact me.

If you want to remind yourself of the Pilates fundamentals then start with videos 1-6. You’ll then have the foundations you need to confidently ground your home practice.

I’m looking forward to seeing you progress and hearing from you with requests.

If you’re new to my way of teaching, then here’s a little introduction.

I believe in lengthening through the whole body. For example, we lengthen the spine so the curves look after themselves. I’ll show you how to activate your stabilising muscles and how to find your movement muscles throughout your body, consciously, so that in your everyday world you can message your body to lift yourself out of stressful positions and organise your body to ease and comfort.

You will get a real training and work every fibre, every layer, from the inside out. You will breathe to find your centre, to activate the deep stabilising muscles; you will learn to notice how the breath guides your body into deep connection. You will be empowered to teach your body ownership and optimum function.

I look forward to working with you and hearing from you; do drop me a line and introduce yourself, or ask any questions. Welcome.


TL Associates supply all technical support.  They film and produce each video.