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The Imagination Works Wonders

Imagining is a wonderful tool. I use it in my sessions and on my videos, too. Noticing what the body does when we imagine a move. A thought, a signal, an imagined move. For instance, sitting tall at your desk with your hands in your lap. Imagine lifting your right arm to place your right… Continue Reading

Balance, Rotator Cuff and Imagination

Letting the shoulders relax and find their place. Add them to balance and a rotator cuff, or two, then pour on some Lats and postural muscles galore and you have a Pilates session that’ll make you feel very good indeed. And, at the end of the session, you’ll prove to yourself how the imagination can… Continue Reading

Engaging your Core

How much should I engage my core? How do I know when my core is engaged enough? How can I be sure that my core is working? Where exactly is it? So, when I engage my core, what’s happening exactly and why is this important? Ever asked yourself or me these questions? This week ALL… Continue Reading

Pelvic Diaphragm Control

It is July and we have a summer full of Pilates sessions. Classes continue as normal throughout July and August, except there are no classes the week of 19th August. This will be the week I am teaching Pilates for the summer intensive examination course at the RAD. There is also one Bank Holiday Monday… Continue Reading

Controlled Balance and the Jack Knife

Absolutely loving this week of teaching. Just seeing where everyone is in their progress has made me happy. Some wonderful fluidity in the room. Every class so far: Beautiful moves, fabulous strength, mobility, control and precision, with a flow that makes the process look effortless. Hats off to you all, my lovely students. Power rings… Continue Reading

Elongation and Breath

This week is about elongation and breath and, most importantly, feeling better afterwards. The 11 am class this Tuesday will be taken by Keaton. Keaton has been a student of mine for over ten years. She is fully trained and insured. She has clocked up many hours of teaching practice now and feels confident and… Continue Reading

Contrology is Accessible to Everyone

Wendy’s week has started with height and length, she takes our focus to the sides of our bodies while lifting through the centre of our bodies right up out of our ears. Students arrived today,after busy weekends and hectic schedules, with all sorts of aches and pains and left feeling much better. Practising Contrology (Pilates)… Continue Reading

Pilates Videos are on their way

The 20th May, wow that date 20th May meant so much to me for so many years. We’re all fluid though and letting go is an important part of self-care. Tomorrow is the 20th May 2019 and it is simply and beautifully a new day. I’ve great news for me, in that wendyjardinepilates media moments… Continue Reading