Pilates in West Dulwich - Wendy Jardine
Wendy Jardine

w/c 18th June

A new week starts with Pilates at 7 am tomorrow.  Yay!  We’ll do push-ups, warming up and stretching through our hamstrings and calves first,  then guiding our long spines through a roll down into plank into push-up, into dog into body swing into roll up and repeat.  We’ll do heel slides again and top it… Continue Reading

w/c 11th June

One Leg Circle in Base position and on our sides. Rolling back like a ball into Teaser. One leg stretch into Hundred. Swan Dive into swimming. Plank into cat stretch.  Come to class this week and make sense of the above by feeling it from the inside out, in our usual layer upon layer way. Continue Reading

w/c 4th June

How splendid that Bank Holiday Mondays are behind us! We can Pilates On without restriction! Classes will run continually this summer, except for the week of 20th August because I will be teaching daytime summer school at the Royal Academy of Dance. Apart from that one week, classes will run as normal: Monday 07:00 08:00… Continue Reading

w/c 29th May 2018

Tuesday 10:00 11:00 Wednesday 08:00 (09:00 Intermediate/Advanced) 10:00 Workshop. The Workshop this week will focus on breath, the science of breathing, the why and how and the enjoyment of breathing for our well-being. All welcome. This Thursday I am presenting CPD to ballet teachers on applying the principles of Pilates, so they can enable their… Continue Reading

w/c 21st May 2018

We’ll breathe, find our centre and then stretch and tone with a focus on our necks, shoulders and feet, and all the bits in between we’ll no doubt find at some point too! Watch out for the golf balls placed on the mats or thereabouts as you come into class. 7,8,9 am Monday, 10,11 am… Continue Reading

w/c 14th May

I’m being treated to a night of MacMillan this week.  I’m seeing Manon’s story unfold.  I can’t wait!  MacMillan said that Ninette de Valois once shouted at him for being late to class!  Which reminds me, RAD class this week is in de Valois studio.  She also said that she wanted her dancers to be… Continue Reading

w/c 7th May

Paper thin challenges were met by all. Challenging our control from the inside out throughout the sessions.  We used bands to enhance training and breath control.  We rolled like a ball balancing on shoulders and then balancing up on our sitz bones.  From there some took the option for further challenges into open leg rocker… Continue Reading

w/c 30/4

This week we will revisit the Plank in its various forms and move, stretch and tone every muscle needed for the finale of the roll over.  Of course I’ll layer the moves so you can enjoy, and choose to stick to, the stepping stones along the way in the knowledge that you’re strengthening, toning and… Continue Reading

w/c 23rd April 2018

We will take our breath into our core connection and lift effortlessly into plank.  We’ll take the plank to the level that suits us and into side plank too.  We’ll work from prone and supine, toning and stretching as we go.  See you in class. Continue Reading

w/c 9th April 2018

Sessions resume this week.  Monday 07:00, 08:00 and 09:00, Tuesday 10:00 and 11:00 and Wednesday 08:00, 09:00 and 10:00 All sessions cater for mixed level BUT Wednesday 09:00 works to Intermediate and Advanced Levels and is not suitable for those in recovery or injured.  Wednesday 10:00 is a Workshop and is suitable for all, including… Continue Reading