Pilates in West Dulwich - Wendy Jardine
Wendy Jardine

w/c 13th August

Can’t wait for this week’s sessions.  A roll over week! We’re going to build layer upon layer and discover our strength and flexibility in plank, side plank, cat, teaser, rolling, hundred, leg pull supine, maybe with leg lifts and the roll over.  Toning the feet, calves, legs, buttocks, lower, middle and upper back, shoulders, arms,… Continue Reading

w/c 6th August

Can you believe it’s August? The hall is cool and ready for us and I’d love to see you in class. Monday 07:00 08:00 09:00 Tuesday 10:00 11:00 Wednesday 08:00 (09:00 intermediate/advanced/noInjuries) (10:00 Your call, no lying down) Legs from the inside out this week.  But from whence, (whence? whence, is that really a word)… Continue Reading

w/c 30th July

Sessions as normal this week and, despite the rain this weekend, I must assure you that the hall is cool even in the heatwave.  It’s been a joy and a relief to be in the cool of the hall practising Pilates. This week we’re focussing on all that’s good for the shoulders and my theme… Continue Reading

w/c 23rd July

As some of us prepare for a summer holiday, we may be contemplating long flights or driving for miles on end.  We may be contemplating lying on sun loungers, or on a sandy beach for hours on end, or hiring a bicycle, or going trekking through the mountains on horse-back, well why not!  How might… Continue Reading

w/c 16th July

After a thrilling weekend of match fit players, seemingly everywhere, let’s keep our bodies on the map, too.  Top tennis players and footballers are turning to Pilates.  We know why. See you in class for more deep wonderful work: Monday 07:00, 08:00, 09:00 Tuesday 10:00, 11:00 Wednesday 08:00, (09:00 Intermediate/Advanced/NoInjuries) (10:00 Full Body Workshop, no… Continue Reading

w/c 9th July

We’ll continue the less is MORE theme of last week. Some students will be going away, as it’s July, so class sizes maybe smaller than usual. Let’s use this to our advantage, let me know if there’s something you’d like to look at and we’ll do it. I’ll weave whatever it is into the shape… Continue Reading

w/c 25th June 2018

We’ll focus on Breath, Breadth and Balance. We’ll work in arabesque and side plank, we’ll do some swimming and the can-can in supine, with stretches and roll downs, sit-ups and spine twists, rises and side bends, challenging our minds to control our breath, breadth and balance as our bodies flow through the moves. Continue Reading

w/c 18th June

A new week starts with Pilates at 7 am tomorrow.  Yay!  We’ll do push-ups, warming up and stretching through our hamstrings and calves first,  then guiding our long spines through a roll down into plank into push-up, into dog into body swing into roll up and repeat.  We’ll do heel slides again and top it… Continue Reading

w/c 11th June

One Leg Circle in Base position and on our sides. Rolling back like a ball into Teaser. One leg stretch into Hundred. Swan Dive into swimming. Plank into cat stretch.  Come to class this week and make sense of the above by feeling it from the inside out, in our usual layer upon layer way. Continue Reading