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Monthly Archives: June 2018

w/c 25th June 2018

We’ll focus on Breath, Breadth and Balance. We’ll work in arabesque and side plank, we’ll do some swimming and the can-can in supine, with stretches and roll downs, sit-ups and spine twists, rises and side bends, challenging our minds to control our breath, breadth and balance as our bodies flow through the moves. Continue Reading

w/c 18th June

A new week starts with Pilates at 7 am tomorrow.  Yay!  We’ll do push-ups, warming up and stretching through our hamstrings and calves first,  then guiding our long spines through a roll down into plank into push-up, into dog into body swing into roll up and repeat.  We’ll do heel slides again and top it… Continue Reading

w/c 11th June

One Leg Circle in Base position and on our sides. Rolling back like a ball into Teaser. One leg stretch into Hundred. Swan Dive into swimming. Plank into cat stretch.  Come to class this week and make sense of the above by feeling it from the inside out, in our usual layer upon layer way. Continue Reading

w/c 4th June

How splendid that Bank Holiday Mondays are behind us! We can Pilates On without restriction! Classes will run continually this summer, except for the week of 20th August because I will be teaching daytime summer school at the Royal Academy of Dance. Apart from that one week, classes will run as normal: Monday 07:00 08:00… Continue Reading